Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Fair(y) Use Tale

A discussion of copyright fair use in Disney characters' own words from Eric Fadden at Bucknell. Amazing.


  1. Thanks for the link.

    His "Tracking Theory" at Vectors made me want to give up on my written dissertation and produce a set of "media stylos" in the vein of what he's done here:


    I think that I could technically pull it off, but I think my committee/department/university would have a problem with that kind of production.

    But it seems more useful in terms of generating a larger, less esoteric, response to criticical thought, and more satidfying in terms of what kinds of production I enjoy.


  2. Thanks for that link too. Fascinating. I may not be reading your comment correctly, but I hope you aren't really giving up on your dissertation. Academia desperately needs more professors who can play Minutemen tunes.

    From my own post-dissertation perch, I can tell you this much with confidence: the only important thing about a dissertation is finishing it. Nothing else really matters about it. One of my committee members told me to approach the dissertation as my last student work rather than as my first professional work. I found that comment very liberating at the time. There will be a whole career ahead of you to explore media stylos. Finish the dissertation first so you can get on with it. Good luck!

  3. Thanks for the advice; I can't really give up on this dissertation, so anything other than a deliverible in line with my prospectus is out of the question. It will be done.

    I am just begining to consider the fact that I most likely will not ever again be able to teach classes like the ones I am teach now (i.e. film history survey in an Eng. dept), and I am trying to figure out what the heck I will do once my grad position is over in a year and a half: it seems that academia is most emphatically -not- in need of any more professors, multimedia talented or not.