Thursday, May 08, 2008

Excellent News!

Baudrillard's Bastard has favored Lumpenprofessoriat with the coveted, viral E for Excellent award for my provocative blogging. I am touched. Truly. Thank you. Given the source, I will display my E with pride.

I get to pass on the award now and I'll follow Ortho's example and select four, rather than the original ten, excellent blogs that I read and enjoy.

  1. Limited, Inc. who is still the smartest man I know.
  2. Amitava Kumar who's writings I've been a fan of long before there were blogs.
  3. LesobProf for sanity and clarity.
  4. Citizen of Somewhere Else for managing to post on both Hawthorne and anime.


  1. Thanks, Mr. LP.
    Funny that you give it to me on the day I post an impassioned defense of Britney Spears. Ho ho!

  2. Lumpen Prof,

    Thank you for accepting the award and completing the meme I sent to you.

    I'm sorry one of your favorite yodelers died today.


  3. Thanks much, LP! I think it's appropriate that when I first arrived at my school we used to have to give Es instead of Fs. Given how little I've been blogging at CitizenSE lately, I feel I deserve an E in that older sense!

  4. congrats, lumpen prof!

    (and thanks)