Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Alternative Academic Titles

I just realized that my inaugural post for this blog concerned a list of John Hodgman inspired academic hobo names. The recent post below on academic titles seemed in a similar vein. So in honor of this confluence, I decided I should post a slightly longer list of alternative, unused academic ranks and titles.

  1. Elder Viceroy for Academic Affairs
  2. Grand Vizier of Student Services
  3. Vice Admiral for Institutional Research
  4. Lord High Provost
  5. Temporary Trusted Advisor
  6. Assistant Grand Inquisitor in Residence
  7. Major General of General Studies
  8. Adjutant Affiliate Graduate Dean
  9. Honorary Academician
  10. Eternal Assistant Dean
  11. Associate Vice Khan
  12. Distinguished Interim Emperor
  13. Visiting Dean Regent
  14. Acting Vice Sultan of Instruction
  15. Supreme Exalted Associate Professor
  16. Eminent Illustrious Adjunct Instructor
  17. Serene Associate Vice Provost
  18. Venerable Consulting Scholar
  19. Grand High Instructor
  20. Honored Guest Director
  21. Emeritus Grand Mugwump
Here is an actual list of academic ranks and titles. It is no less strange.

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