Saturday, April 07, 2007


T E N U R E !

T E N U R __

T E N U __ __

My progress towards tenure and promotion:
T = Departmental recommendation
E = Chair's recommendation
N = Dean's recommendation

U = Provost's recommendation
R = Chancellor's recommendation
E = Board of Trustees' approval
I made it! I am now officially a tenured, Associate Lumpenprofessor. And despite the morbid graphics, I'm feeling pretty good today.

Congratulations and/or condolences are both welcome and appreciated.


  1. Congratulations, LP! Although tenure is a dubious system, that produces many unfortunate results, it is still a significant professional milestone. To be promoted as well (not everyone gets this), is also a positive sign. Well done!

    Of course, in my neck of the woods, we spell 'tenure' 'life sentence'! ;)

    The Combat Philosopher

  2. Thanks! I'm very happy and relieved to have this all behind me now. The life sentence part is all too clear to me, but for now I plan to let myself celebrate at least a little bit before the post-tenure depression starts to creep in.

  3. Congratulations! Problematic or no, it's still A Moment and deserves recognition as such.

  4. Fabulous. Now you are eligible to join the Resistance. A black beret will soon arrive in your mailbox.

    Congrats, kiddo.


    NOW, its time to take a vacation for the next ten years, like every other tenured prof... ho ho ho!
    I am going to spread the word to a few mutual acquaintances - if you don't mind, mr. lp.

  6. Definitely congrats--but now we know you're not Norm Finkelstein.

  7. Thank you all for your very kind comments.

    I'm looking forward to my black beret TR -- and it's very sweet, although somewhat delusional, that you think I might still qualify for the title of "kiddo."

    I suppose it's true I'll have to come up with some other disguise now for my secret identity besides Norm Finkelstein.

    Please spread the word Roger. I've been too exhausted to tell many folks the good news. Plus it has been so long, the most common reaction tends to be some variation on "You mean you haven't been tenured?"