Monday, April 16, 2007


Introducing LumpenRadio. Due to no popular demand at all.

On such a sad day, I find that music helps. We take requests. Just leave your comments below.


  1. LP,
    I like the radio station! Billy Bragg is always excellent. I used to know him many years ago. The Duhks are another excellent choice. I saw them very recently. They are nice people to boot.

    It is a shame about the context in which this radio station was created though. What can one say? To quote Wittgenstein,

    "Whereof we cannot speak, we must pass over in silence." (Tractatus prop. 7).

    The Combat Philosopher

  2. I'm glad you like the music. You know Billy Bragg! That's very cool. So that's one degree of virtual separation for me from Billy Bragg -- although I suppose that game is less impressive online. The Duhks are a recent favorite for me too. I've heard them a couple of times now, once along with the Mammals and playing as the Platypus Jam. They were wonderful.

    I've been adding a few more folks to the play list. The newest additions are Alberta Hunter, Etta James, Doc Watson, Magic Sam, and the Velvet Undergroud. But other artist suggestions and song requests are always welcome.

    As for the passing over in silence... I'm more a fan of the later Wittgenstein -- even when words fail us, we can still try to hum it.