Friday, February 23, 2007

Academic Mean Streets

This makes me happy:

That's the link to this blog from my long time friend and compatriot at Limited, Inc. along with a nice shout out inviting LI readers to check out lumpenprofessoriat on the love boat to mesopotamia. lol.

Even though I recognize the horrible irony of it all, I'll still find it necessary to complain about getting tenure and about all my tenure woes for at least a few more months here until it's out my system -- that's the main therapeutic reason for this blog right now. I complain here, so that I'm not that boorish in real life.

However, I promise I'll try to move on to complaining about things other than getting tenure as soon as possible -- things like how my wallet isn't big enough to hold all my $100's and how too much rowdy sex keeps me from getting enough sleep. Important stuff like that.

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