Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Wow. From Matt Cornell and the Folsom Street Fair in SF, this is my favorite Obama poster of all. I wish I had had one of these for my office before the election.


  1. ooh, a little harsh but its in the right direction I fear. Perhaps "DUPED" or SUCKERS" fit the bill better?

  2. It's still 54 days until the inauguration. Never mind the traditional 100 day honeymoon, but I would like to give the man at least a day before the recriminations start.

    I think you also misunderstand the poster. It's not negative at all. The poster is an affirmation of Obama by members of the SF gay leather community. There aren't many Presidents that can boast such a Queer positive response to their campaign. Take just a moment to enjoy the visage of our next President as honorary leatherman. It's an amazing thing.

  3. silly me! didnt connect to SM, too hasty and square on my part. I thought too easily of an incoming gestapo.

    But the Prez as "honorary leatherman?" gives me hope after all...well at least just a little...

  4. Ok, I broke down and bought a copy of this poster after all. I think I will hang it in my office.