Saturday, November 22, 2008

4027 Words

I'm at 40% of the 10k goal. I have my work cut out for me next week. This week's wordle pic was pretty at least:


  1. Uh, I realize this could be awkward, but, well -- that is... you're a Marxist, aren't you?!

    ... Actually it's just the monkey I'm curious about.

  2. Awkward? Coming from a Medievalist? Don't be ridiculous. I had hoped to hide my Marxist tendencies for just a bit longer, but now that you've outed me I can finally relax.

    As for the monkey, what are you insinuating? That Marxists can't write about monkeys? Or that monkeys are somehow inherently counter-revolutionary? Would it help to know that I'm not writing about actual monkeys, but just about a song about monkeys? No, probably not. But it's true. In the section on fetishism of the digital commodity, one of the examples I manage to write about at length is this amv of Jonathon Coulton's song Code Monkey. Plus, I really like the song.