Saturday, April 12, 2008

Virtual Whiteboard

By way of academhack, here's a new web-based virtual whiteboard called Twiddla.

Twiddla is a virtual whiteboard. I have been waiting for this to be done right, as it is an extremely useful tool, and not everyone has Mac OS 10.5 which allows easy screen sharing. Twiddla is extremely easy, as they say “no plugins, no downloads, or firewall vodoo.” (Firewall Vodoo? Haven’t heard that before, but think I will now use it regularly as a catch-all phrase.)
Give it a try. I can almost see myself using this in class with the digital projector. I've never really bonded to the smartboard interface that enables all the drawing tools. And using Twiddla would just be pulling up another web page. It allows you to have multiple users, or an entire class, collaborate using it. Very cool.

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