Monday, April 14, 2008

Musical Archaeology

A Date With John Waters is my new favorite CD. Here's the man himself reading the liner notes from this gender and genre bending compilation of twisted love songs:

Leave it to John Waters to unearth a 1935 Swing Band BDSM song, Mildred Bailey's "I'd Love to Take Orders From You."

If you're the captain, I'll be the crew,
'Cause I'd just love to take orders from you;
You blow the bugle and I'll jump through,
Oh, how I'd love to take orders from you.
I know that rules were made for fools,
That's one thing I have learned;
But I'm going in for discipline
Wherever you're concerned.
If you say, "Kiss me!" that's what I'll do,
'Cause I'd just love to take orders from you.
The rest of the album is equally twisted, just like John Waters. I like it a lot.

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  1. "Who wants to sleep with smart people all the time..." Hahaha. I love John Waters. Thanks for posting this great video, Lumpen Prof. "Come over next weekend and we can break up..."