Monday, October 19, 2009

Virtual Sedition

Here's a link to an icky story about an online wingnut game called 2011: Obama Coup Fails. In the game players battle out a new American civil war after the overthrow of the Obama administration. The game comes complete with its own fake history leading up to the war:

Back in 2007, one brave newscaster was the first in what used to be called the 'mainstream media' to ring the alarm bell. That man was Lou Dobbs of CNN. Lou Dobbs was reported missing during the media purges of January and February 2011, when Mark Lloyd and the FCC, on Obama's orders, cracked down on all dissent in broadcasting. Glen Beck, another broadcast media personality who rang the alarm bell before the coup, was found dead of an 'aspirin overdose' in late 2010, after the devastating elections in November.
And its own "future news stories" from the war itself:



  1. These people show zero comprehension of our Sarah! Freedom fighting ain't free - she will want some clarity about what, exactly, her allowance is on militia clothes, transportation, and other expenses to be determined - she will want positions in the militia media for her daughter and husband; and she will want to know what, exactly, are the points - besides the stipend, which better be competitive with, say, CEO-ing a major oil company or she is not staying around with all the dead fish floating down the stream.

    Otherwise, she is outta there. Secondraters have been that poor woman's curse since she learned the flute! As the saying is, you pass the ball to the center as you forward yourself to the sidelnes to wire the bet to the punter against the team from which you left playing the best darn ball you knew how to in order to make money for the children that let me tell you you can't deny me and that is what America, under God, is about, and we are fighting to keep it that way.

  2. Wow. That really does sound more like Sarah.

  3. In the porno biz, the word is mooks - for the fans. Sarah has a lot of mooks.

    (which is a great word. I learnt it from DFW's essay about the AVN awards. A Mook sounds like something from Finnegan's Wake, which makes me wonder when the porn biz is finally going to give us an adult movie of Finnegan's wake. Hmm, why do I think I might have a long long time to wait?