Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Daniel the Manatee

This is Daniel the Manatee.

He is adorable. He was rescued as an infant off the coast of Belize and fostered by faculty and students at ECOSUR. He's living now in Laguna Guerrero and is almost an adult.

I really wasn't expecting such charisma from an animal called a sea cow. Daniel is more alert, inquisitive, and playful than most dogs I know. He's clearly smarter than any dog I know. He's also beautiful and incredibly graceful. Sadly, habitat destruction is taking its toll on these amazing creatures.

For those of you who can stand the cuteness, there are also baby pictures of Daniel available online. ZOMG soooo cute!


  1. It is time for you to put up a post about how you are secretly miserable. Otherwise, all this delightfulness is gonna kill me!

  2. I AM secretly miserable. We leave here on Friday, and when I get home I have summer school and a mare's nest of office politics waiting for me that already makes me want to weep. Plus, in my absence, I fear I may have been volunteered and voted onto every unsavory committee assignment that exists. I may need to put a little picture of Daniel up on my desktop just to help keep alive a little of the tranquility from the past three months.

  3. Now you are making me weep!