Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Via. In the spirit of National Novel Writing Month, NaNoWriMo, November is also evidently International Academic Writing Month, InaDWriMo. Who knew! Although I can't quite decide how to pronounce the acronym -- is it In-aD-Wri-Mo, or Ina-D-Wri-Mo, or just I-D-Wri-Mo? Whatever it's called, though, it's brilliant!

The LumpenProf has a book project sitting in front of him, but I haven't been able to make myself start writing on it in earnest. This is just what I need to force myself to dive in. I have a sabbatical coming up in the spring. After fourteen years of continuous teaching, this will be my very first sabbatical ever. Evidently, I must have misplaced one somewhere along the way. My fondest hopes for the sabbatical are that I will 1.) heal my post-traumatic stress wounds from tenure; 2.) get buff and tan; and 3.) finish a book manuscript. None of these are terribly likely, but I would like to give them each my best shot.

I'm setting my writing goal for the month of November at 10,000 words and I'm declaring it here publicly and posting a word meter over on the right to help me not wimp out. Encouragement and/or derision, as appropriate, from this blog's visitors throughout the month will be greatly appreciated.


  1. So, do you want us to start off with some encouragement or some derision?

    And where is the "buff-o-meter" on the blog?

    And finally, I like Inna-dry-mo, which for some reason sounds like an actual word to me.

    PS want to send out all my job applications for me?

  2. Last year I was afraid to join but I'm joining now.

    Every day I will say: NO, every word I could write to help us reform the M.A. program and thus satisfy eager assistant professors would be better written in my book mss. We all know it is true.

  3. Rest your head
    You worry too much
    It's going to be alright
    When times get rough
    You can fall back on us
    Don't give up
    Please don't give up

  4. Sisyphus, I like the sound of Inna-dry-mo. I can actually pronounce that one. I have no idea why, but having a sonorous name for the event helps motivate me. As for the buff-o-meter, I'll start looking for a widget...